Thursday, April 19, 2012

Angel of the Stars

A Starry Legend
    Legend has it that long ago, in the days of old, in a realm so far from earth that one would never think it existed, (in fact no mortal has any inkling that a world such as this exists) living in the realm of the stars, a land they called Kiergem, a young and foolish star fell in love with a sorceror.
    She knew of his capacity to do great evil and yet she thought she could change him through her love. In this state of mind, she began to grow blind to the fact that he would never change and gave him her light.
    With such power, the sorceror began to throw the realm into chaos, destroying everything in his path. When he was finally apprehended by the Elder Star, the young love-struck star had pity on him and set him free where he fled to the infant planet of earth.
    Because of her treachery, the Elder Star cursed her and her lineage to forever hunt down the fallen star, (now going by the treacherous title of the Daemon of the New Moon) and to never be able to call anywhere home. To forever wander around the world until they had righted the young star's (dubbed the first Daughter of the Night) wrong.
    Thus begins our story, the story of a girl by the name of Angel Stone.

The Daemon of the New Moon
    I step out of the house and into the dark night, the stars twinkling in all their silver-flamed glory. The forest looms before me and the town sleeps behind me. No one can know about my flight. No one can know who I am anymore. It is my time to go and their time to forget.
    As I cast my magic, black fur flecked with silver sprouts breifly, but fades again when the spell comes to its close. Again, I feel the familiar pang of regret that I cannot stay, but as a cursed Daughter of the Night, until I track down the Daemon of the New moon, I must wander the world, never having a permanent home, family, or freind.
    True, 'tis a lonely existance, but it is my ancestrial curse. It was the Daughters of the Night who brought the ancient evil upon the earth. As I turn my back on the town and fade into the trees, I shift into my panther-like form, a replication of the night sky painted on the shape of a panther.
    Racing through the forest, I taste the air and feel the wind, my massive paws becoming one with the earth. Unsurprisingly, Daemon isn't near. However, I am on his trail. Hopefully I can get to him before he opens the Worm hole.
    This thought playing through my mind, I speed up. Almost 600 years of racing on Daemon's trail, I have developed the muscles to sprint at full speed for weeks. Unlike most daughters, I didn't give up after a normal mortal's life-span. I refuse to give up, take a 1 night stand, bear a daughter, and die to leave this curse up to her.
    Even though it was nearly 600 years ago, I still remember the Elder Star training me until I was 17 years old, the year I stopped aging in order to track down Daemon. The thing that stands out to me the most is that last day before the Elder Star left. I remember him being harsh with me, telling me not to fail, telling me that I have potential and not to waste it. I know why he was harsh. He was desperate. Daemon had been free for thousands of years.
    The memory of me looking him in the eye hits me as I remember the words that were shared between the two of us. "Elder Star, I make this vow to thee. I shall not stop until I have vanquished Daemon's life fire."
    He sighed. "I have heard that many times, Angel Stone."
    "I bear thee no lack of respect, but thou will have to descend from the very heavens above and fetch me before I withdraw from this hunt."
    "I pray thy speak the truth, Child, however forgive me if I am wary of mere words."
    "Of course."
    The memory fades and I increase my speed, beginning to feel the power of the Worm hole. I'm going to hold true to the vow that I made the Elder Star all those centuries ago. The interminable hunt must go on still.
    Again, memories began to seep into my thoughts. Disasters both before my birth and during my life time. Things like the Black Plague, sinking of Atlantis, cursing of the Bermuda Triangle, the Ice Age, and the burning of the library in Alexandria are simply a few that come to mind. I inwardly shudder and press on, reaching my full speed. I only have an hour before that Worm hole's ready and Daemon's still a few miles away.
    I quietly curse myself for not being more alert in the few years that I'd been in Southern Mississippi trying to repair the damage that Hurricane Katrina had caused. Thanks a lot, Daemon. Or thanks a lot, ancestor from who knows how long ago who threw us into this mess in the first place. I am never falling in love, never.

    I reach the worm hole site just 5 minutes before the it's ready. Daemon spins around, sensing my presence. A growl rumbles in my throat, but I change into my human form. Or as near to human form as I can get. (I still have cat-like ears and faint traces of whiskers. As well as tiny cat-like fangs.)
    "You're still here?" He glared at me.
    "Yup." I smirk at his aggravation.
    "How long has it been, Stone-head?"
    "Almost 600 years now, zombie-breath."
    He shakes his head, a smile beginning to play on his thin lips. "When will you give up?"
    "Never. Not until I kill you."
    "Do you know how many times I've heard that, Stone-head?"
    "I don't give a crap how many times you've heard that. I've lived this long, longer than any other Daughters and I can handle it a little longer."
    "So you can live in failure?"
    "Yeah, until you're dead by my hand." He wasn't getting the better of me. I know that I've had 600 years, but I still won't stop. Not until he's dead.
    "You've got a lot of spark. Something the other women haven't had."
    "Shut up. It's time to_"
    I'm interrupted by the roar of the Worm hole. It's ready and stabalized. Both Daemon and I race for it. He is not getting away this time! I will end him! I will! He and I do something that's never happened before; not in my life time or anyone else's. We entered the Worm hole at the exact same time.
    As we hurtle through the different dimensions, I don't waste a second. I send lightening his way, hitting him in the chest. He slams me in the face with an ice spell. I hate it when he uses ice! It's so fricking hard! I retaliate with both fire and lightening. He's blown back, but stops himself by increasing gravity. Then he makes a gravity bubble around me to try and crush me, but I break free and try it on him. He breaks free as well and we study eachother.
    He begins the psychological attacks, the mind needles that beat me last time, but I hold my own. Before I can counter attack, however, we slam into the ground.
    Or I do, at least, because now Daemon's gone. I leap to my feet, the swamp I'd landed in mugging up my senses. "ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!" I scream into the air. I can't believe this! I was so close! So freaking close!
    Screaming in frusteration, I slam my fist into a tree, sending it toppling over onto a massive alligator that I didn't notice until just now when I heard the hiss cut off by the crushing weight of the tree.
    "Man, are you serious?!" I whirl around to see two Cajun alligator hunters floating towards me. They were both young, around my "mortal age". One of the guys glared at the tree, the other at me.
    "What're you doin here, Girl?" The one who wasn't going into a cursing fit about the crushed alligator and something about how it would've filled their last tag. He had curly blond hair and vivid green eyes that would pierce through anyone and anything. The one throwing the fit had deep black hair and grey eyes.
    " away from some kidnappers..." I lied, trying to look scared and sheepish. Truth be told, I do look pretty haggard. I can feel where the ice hit my cheek swelling up and my hair was ruffled. I even had a few cuts from that gravity spell.
    The other one turned his attention to me. "Who are you? Where are you from?"
    Crap. I didn't think of this...where am I from? Oooh, I'm from star land, please proceed to take me to the nearest asylum. Yeah, that'll solve all my problems.
    "I don't really have a home."
    "You just said you were kidnapped."
    "Yeah, kidnapped, taken against my will. You don't have to have a home for someone to come kidnap you. Look, I've had a bad experience, okay? I'll just continue on my way, so buh-bye now."
    I go to walk further up the bank, but one of them got out, grabbing my arm. I gave him a dangerous look. He gave a similar one back. "What kind of man would I be if I let a young girl like you go out into the swamp?" He had the typical Cajun accent, but I can understand it perfectly.
    "What kind of idiot would I be to go with a man I don't know after being kidnapped by psychos? Let go before I make you let go."
    His grip tightens and I take a swing, knocking him into the water. "What the_"
    "I gave you fare warning. You didn't take it, so I'll take my leave." I sprint off, jumping over fallen logs and such. I begin to feel Daemon's faint trail once again.
    Suddenly, I'm tackled to the ground, and the dude who I punched was on top of me, pinning me to the ground. I sensed monstrous strength in him, perhaps matching even my own.
    "Who are you?!" I try to get up, but he has me pinned.
    "Surprised? Apparently you don't realize that you're not the only fallen star, Angel."
    "Don't play dumb. You're Angel Stone, the only Daughter of the Night who's been around for longer than a mortal life time."
    "Who's that in the boat? Is he a fallen star as well?"
    "No. He's not even a real human, not even a 'he'. I project him as my brother to avoid suspicion. Such a projection dulls even senses as old as yours, not to mention you've got the swamp to contend with."
    "What do you want, then? Kill me and I'll resurect somewhere else. Trust me, I've done it so many times, it doesn't even faze me anymore. I'll just be out for your blood."
    "I'm not going to kill you. I was sent here to help you."
    "Well get it_ wait, what?" I'm stunned. It's as if he took a telaphone pole and just slammed me in the face with it, which, let me tell you, getting slammed in the face with a telaphone pole is not fun!
    "The Elder Star sent me to help you. He said that you've been chasing the Daemon of the New Moon for long enough. He said that as reward for your dedication and endurance, you'd get a little help."
    "Thanks, but we're not getting anywhere by you sitting on my stomach. Not to mention, this is really awkward."
    He paused, then blushing a little, by the stars..., he got up. "Right..."
    I shift into my panther form, and he shifts into his. We race through the swamp, following Daemon's trail. Suddenly, the sky went dark and it began to pour so hard we can't see.
    "Daemon..." I mutter petulantly. He's bent on pissing me off today. I can't say I blame him though. He just wants to survive and cause more mischief, but I also can't let that happen. The swamp quickly begins to flood. "I hope you can swim, whatever your name is."
    "The name's Sonyferous, and yeah, I can swim."
    "Good, because we're about to have to." I nod behind us, and he looks back, cursing again.
    "Any ideas?"
    "Find the freak who caused all this and smite him where he stands."
    "Sounds like a plan, how?"
    "Oh, I have all the answers, don't I..." I roll my eyes.
    "Well, you've been here for almost 6 centuries, so yeah, I'd expect you to have most, if not all the answers."
    "Only God has all the answers. Why do you think Daemon hasn't been caught yet?"
    "Good point. But you don't have to be such a b_"
    "Can we stay focused? And by the way, I might be a female, but I don't bark, so you can shove it."
    I ignore his reply, if he gave one at all, and press on, pulling ahead of him. I don't have time for an argument. I need to find Daemon and rid the world of his evil.
    "Is tonight the night of the new moon?" Sonyferous asked after a while.
    I'd forgotten all about it! The night when Daemon reaches full power. The night when most Daughters had given in...because if a Daughter is killed on the new moon, and only the new moon, only by Daemon's hand...that's the end of the lineage. Completely. How could I have forgotten to watch something that had been drilled in from the very start?!
    Then something clicks. What if the Elder had done this on purpose? Send me Sonyferous, or send me to Sonyferous, deliberately on the night of the new moon? What if he thought that there was the smallest chance in killing Daemon for good? Because even though he was at his peak when it came to power, that power was unstable, thus lowering his defenses astronomically. There was a good chance. No one had ever dared to face him on the new moon, no one until tonight. Either I'm incredibly stupid or brave...probably the first. God, if you hear me now... Please let this turn out okay... Please end this evil.
    "There's no turning back. New moon is also his most vulnerable state and we're already on his trail. Besides, I feel the power of this storm. I feel what sickness and death it will bring. He wants to end it and so do I."
    "Don't take any unnecessary risks!"
    "Look, he is most powerful now, and capable of completely destroying my lineage, yes, but this could also be our last chance! Why do you think we met up today? So we can end this, one way or another! Trust me, Sonyferous, I think this is our first real chance in centuries, possibly millenia! 'Sides, I've got you. We can do this!"
    "Alright, you're the boss, so it's whatever. But don't get killed because the Elder will have my head if you do!"
    "My head's already been had, so that's your problem." Because I've got a lot more at stake than he does... His entire lineage, entire name, entire blood line will not be lost. Maybe I don't have any living family, but if I ever change my mind about falling in love... I won't get that chance. I won't get the chance to have children. So unlike him, I absolutely cannot fail. I have to fix that mistake or all is lost.
    By the time we begin to fully sense Daemon's trail, we're swimming, our paws nowhere near the ground, it's that flooded. All this bacteria in being absorbed by animals and plants is sure to release some kind of awful disease that could kill countless people.
    I can hear Sonyferous panting. "You okay back there?" I call.
    "Yeah, just not used to this much physical exertion." Wuss... But I don't say it out loud. I used to be that way and yeah, I've got a lot more experience under my belt when it comes to earth and its gravity than he does. I swim back to lend him some of my energy and we swim shoulder to shoulder.
    "He's on high ground. He's looking for a fight...He knows we're coming."
    "Angel, are you absolutely sure you want to go through with this?"
    "I don't want to go through with this at all, so no, I'm not. But I'm certain that we've got a good chance."
    "If you say so."
    He makes me want to drown him, just to shut him up. But I don't. Because even though I'm certain that this is how it's supposed to go down, I've got my own doubts and fears. I'm the one leading us into this so it's my responsibility to be strong.

    "I was wondering when you would come. Hmmm...looks like you've got a partner. How...what's the word these days? Oh yes, lame."
    "I don't care either way as long as you go down. This has gone on long enough." Yeah, I know I'll probably need help, but I can't help agreeing with Daemon to some degree...It was pretty sad­_ No, you idiot! He's subtly getting in your mind! Stay focused on keeping yourself and Sonyferous alive and ending this war! Focus on stopping and possibly reversing this storm! You can do it! You're strong and you've held on for centuries. The Elder Star said that you've got good potential and not to fail! Whatever it takes, even if that means enlisting help, do whatever it takes to bring Daemon down!
    I stay in panther form this time. Neither Daemon nor I are running this time. Neither are going to get away until the other has fallen. This time would be different.
    "Then bring it, Angel Stone. And don't disappoint me."
    "I could say the same thing, Daemon of the New Moon." With this, we leapt into battle.
    He drew a massive sword and realizing what this would mean, I shift into my human shape, calling out my enourmous scimitars, made from my first set of fangs. Sonyferous called out a claymore like twice his size. God? I want to add another prayer to the one earlier. Please don't let Sonyferous hit me with that thing...or himself...but mainly me.
    With the clash of weapons, we leap into battle. I narrowly dodge Daemon's sword only to be smacked in the back of the head with Sonyferous's while it slammed down onto Daemon's.
    Daemon kicked out at me, but I blocked with a scimitar, smashing him in the face with the other. He spat fire in my face and I spat lightening in his. He kicked out, catching me in the gut and sending me flying deep into the water. I quickly swam to the surface.
    Leaping out of the water, I use Sonyferous's shoulder, pushing him down to boost myself up. This action prevented him from being decapitated although he didn't show this kind of consideration a few seconds ago. I'm getting way too soft.
    Sonyferous and I continue to fight viciously, but as the night wore on, it got harder and harder to land hits on Daemon. He got stronger and faster and I found myself under a barrage of icy bullets, the kind that completely penatrate your skin upon impact.
    Because of this, before we know it, Sonyferous and I are soaked in blood, mud, sweat, and rain. I shiver in the tropical storm's chill. I'm not going to make it out of this. Neither is Sonyferous...We're going to die.
    Despite these dark thoughts, I fight harder than ever. I've had worse. Come on, Angel. Come on! Don't waist these 600 years! Make the Elder proud! God, please give me strength! Don't let the world suffer from this fallen star anymore! For the first time in my long life, tears stream down my face, streaking through the grime that covered it. Sonyferous seems to notice and begins fighting harder, trying to take most of the blows. I quickly match his intensity, trying to stop the flow.
    "Are you crying Angel? For once, you're like all the others!" Daemon's laughter rang through the storm, crystal clear and completely audible through the thunder and lightening that crashed all around us. Out of my peripheral vision, I see the symapthy in Sonyferous's vivid, jade green eyes as he continued to try and hold Daemon off. "You're so weak!" Daemon continued, a wicked grin on his face. "Angel, you're the least one that I expected to cry, to be weak, but hey. You're a woman! Weakness is in your nature!" Sonyferous swings at his head, but is knocked aside with a hard rap fromt the dull edge.
    Yes, he's right. The tears flowing down my face are the greatest sign of prove my weakness, I am unable to stop them. But strangely, I don't feel weak; instead, I feel a new power surge through me as my eyes make their own rain.
    My muscles flow with renewed strength and I fight with more vigor. God, don't let this end. Please, give us strength. If I die tonight, let me take Daemon with me. More tears flow and the stronger I become.
    "What?" I see the astonished look in his eyes, then the hint of fear. "How can're...shining!" I look at Sonyferous, his own eyes wide.
    "Fallen stars aren't supposed to shine..." Sonyferous whispered.
    I look down at myself and gasp. I am. I block a blow to the head. "I'LL SNUFF YOUR LIGHT OUT THEN!" He yelled like a mad man. And in his rage, even with my new-found power, I can't keep up with him. Sonyferous and I try to cover each other, but again, Daemon smashes the dull side of his blade into Sonyferous' head. This time, the blond drops like a rock and stays down. I'm alone.
    His sword impales me through the stomach, coming out of my back. No! No, it can't end like this! God, please! God, please, no! Now, I'm sobbing. With bloody hands, I wrench the sword from my abdomen, but he kicks me and I roll down the hill, losing yet more of my life's blood.
    God, one move. One throw. Let it be true. Drawing my arm, back, I fling the scimitar, but I never see where it goes, as I find myself descending into cold darkness.

Angel of the Stars
    Voices. The sound of my breathing, the feel of my heartbeat. The warmth...not the warmth of the sun...another warmth. The kind that felt like sunshine on the inside.
    "I believe she is coming to." A woman's voice.
    "I'm surprised, I had to practically put her intestines back." Sonyferous?
    "Sonyferous, must you be so gruesome in your exaggerations?"
    "It wasn't an exageration! you saw!"
    "Do you want to go back to Earth? I can arrange it with the elder."
    "C'mon, Dalia, you know I was kidding."
    I open my eyes, first to see a young-looking woman with silver hair and deep blue eyes, then to see Sonyferous with his blond curls and green eyes. "What? Where am I? How am I still alive?"
    "You're back in Kiergem."
    "Does that mean that Daemon's dead?"
    "Yep. You killed him, Stone-head. So now you've got a social life again. Not that you ever had a legitamate one." Sonyferous's remark earns a slap from the woman who I figure is Dalia.
    "Be nice! She did more than your stupid self did. You hit her in the back of the head with your claymore!" Dalia softened when she turned to me. "The Elder Star wants to see you, if you're up to it. You have a ceremony."
    "For killing Daemon."
    "Oh yeah, I did kill him."
    Dalia shuts him up with another smack. "If you don't feel up to walking, we can wheel you there."
    "Nah, I can walk. Being burned in the Salem Witch Hunt 17 times gives you a lot of endurance."
    "You were stupid enough to_" Yet another smack. Apparently, he doesn't know when to shut up. "Quit it!"
    "Then leave her alone! She was the one who got stabbed! Go gorge yourself on some food or something, just get out of here, you blond mongrel!" The sight of Dalia shooing him out makes me laugh harder than I ever have. Such laughter caused immense pain, but I don't care. I'm alive and Daemon's not.
    "How's Louisianna?"
    "No one knows that there was ever a storm or flood."
    "Good. Then let's go see the Elder Star."
    "You sure?"
    "Yeah. I can handle anything. I'm glad I'm free."

    About an hour later, I'm in front of the Elder, countless stars behind us, on a plain of silver grass and beside a lake with golden water. The trees had golden branches, silver leaves, and fruits that were literally jewles. This was Kiergem, realm of the stars. I'm the first Daughter of the Night to ever step foot on this realm since our ancestor was banished.
    "Angel Stone, I gave you your name in hopes that you would one day succeed in breaking your curse and ending the cruel, cold reign of the Daemon of the New Moon. When you made your vow, despite my harsh words, you lifted my hopes even higher. I saw an unquenchable fire in those pale, silvery golden eyes of yours.
    "When you continued further than the mortal life unlike so many others, my hopes flared even higher. Failure after fairlure and death after death. Trial after trial, and humilation after humiliation. But still you never gave in. I am proud to once again, make you one of our People, one of the stars!"
    After the cheers receded, he placed a gleaming tiarra on my head, slightly resembling a halo. Silver lined wings sprouted from my shoulder blades. They were flecked with a stone grey. "In honor of your deeds, you are no longer just Angel Stone." He paused for effect and let the the cheers die down.
    "You are now an Angel of the Stars."